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Jia Zhang
28 October 2026 @ 10:25 am
Welcome to Tokyo Lovelight, the writing journal of[info]jia_zhang. Please read before this before you start messaging me.

At this journal, you will find my current works of fiction, both original and fanfiction. Genres range from dramatic and more mature fiction to light-hearted romanticomedies. I am trying to add more variety, so feel free to shoot me ideas you'd like to see me write. If you feel a fic has not been updated in a long period of time, feel free to message me and let me know. In general, I do not have a timeline for stories and I update quite sporadically, with the sole exception of Una Bella Vita.

My yakuza fic, Una Bella Vita is currently available at ubv_the_series. Please feel free to join and watch the community. I typically have chapters up every month or so.

This journal is under a strong partially friend-locked policy. To read locked stories, you have to friend this journal and request to be added. I will get around to adding new people every few months. Priority is given to people who comment regularly and consistently.

Anyways, happy reading. And remember, comments are epic

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